JYNX - twisting your version of reality (Wild Horse)

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JYNX - twisting your version of reality (Wild Horse)

Post  Fwee on Sun Jan 24, 2010 9:31 pm

her broken majesty----------------------------------------------------------------


Cursed: Jynx
Pronounced: Gee • inx
Defined: informal
Shortened To: Jynx
Born As A: Mare
Aged: 3 years
Heritage: Azteca
Blood Ties To: None known

Partner in Crime: None
Love Life: None
Heart Taken By: None
Chained To: None
Offspring: None

Mistress: Cow/Fwee/Stupid
Loyalties: No one. Darks, Lights; why should she make a decission? She'd rather worship herself. And no she's not a neutral either. She doesn't belong in any group. She's far too... obscene. She's more of just an out-cast.

just a pretty face---------------------------------------------------------------------

Appearance: Her conformation is rather typical of others of her Azteca heritage; a broad, arched neck, a slightly convex head with large, inky eyes, a wide chest, well-defined withers with a short back, and clean, well-shaped legs. Her quality breeding is defined in each of her movements, which are marked with that telltale fluid, graceful flair that make her truely live up to her namesake. She unconsciously tucks in her chin as a habit, which further accentuates the Spanish blood that flows in her veins.

She is not strikingly beautiful as some other mares are, doesn't have that unearthly flawlessness that marks those with an angel's façade. If one were to simply glance at her, perhaps the main thing they would remember about her is the odd color of her coat; her coat being a grey-copper and her belly, legs, and face splashed with an off-white. But her beauty really presents itself when she moves, each movement marked with the dazzling grace of a dancer and effortless as a dream. She has quite a distinctly marked style that none would be able to replicate.

Upon closer inspection, however, her features too have a quiet, serene loveliness about them, with those silent, mysterious eyes, orbs of black amid a field of a milky-white. Her face is not extraordinary, but far from homely as well.

behind the mask---------------------------------------------------------------------

Personified: Twisted. Demented. She's quite the character and umistakebly hard to forget.

One glaring aspect of Jynx's is that she stops at nothing to achieve her ends, often stooping to measures that others would consider appalling. Her favorite and deadliest weapon is her elgance and grace. The way she carries herself about, the movement and rolling of her hips, the beauty she creates is almost hypnotizing. When that fails, however, she has plenty of other measures stocked in her arsenal, including but certainly not limited to shameless simpering, lying, backstabbing, and murdering in cold blood. And she doesn't mind one bit - or does she? She certainly presents a flawless façade of indifference to all these indignities, but knowing her prowess in deception, it could all very well be a mask. Whether or not she has a shred of decency left in her is up to your imagination.

Her perception of reality has been twisted and demented over the course of the three years. She's immune to most pain and finds all pain a matter to laugh over. Her menacing, enhancing giggles are enough to raise the hairs on everyone's back. At times she acts a bit ditzy and slow almost to give the impression she's intoxicated. Or in the next second her mind is as sharp as a razor as well as her tongue as she spits out harsh, witty remarks. And there's this certain mysterious and eerieness that shrouds her that leaves everyone entranced and enchanted.

And then there are those dark, obscure traits of hers, that none can seem to explain except for insanity. Her mind, although sharp as a razor, is twisted and quite insane in the worst sense of the word, and she has a very morbid sense of humor in rather perverse ways. Certainly an unpredictable femme, she can be coquettish and flirting one minute, then laughing over your dead carcass the next.

But despite all her shortcomings, Jynx is a very shrewd mare, a quick thinker on her feet and able to think her way out of any situation she has ever gotten herself into - although that may have something to do with her absolute disregard of standard morals. She simply doesn't put her intellect to use in the right places. She makes a very good leader - insane, cruel, and shameless, perhaps, but a good leader nonetheless.

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Re: JYNX - twisting your version of reality (Wild Horse)

Post  HollywoodUnicorn on Sun Jan 31, 2010 7:41 am

Lovely image and great description! Very Happy


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