Angie on Her Basic Routine

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Angie on Her Basic Routine

Post  Fayde on Mon Jan 25, 2010 1:29 am

Angie got dressed, had breakfast, and harnessed Asta up to her lead. Angie hurried down the steps, and went for her usual jog for about half an hour around the park. She sat on one of the benches, and sighed quietly. She looked at her watch and gasped. She sprinted off to her house, swung open the door, unleashed Asta, changed into her school clothes, and dashed out the door and sprinted to her school, which wasn't too far. She slowed before she came in sight of it. When she got there, she glanced around nervously. Swinging the glass doors wide, she stepped through into the wide corridors. Walking down the one to her left, Angie went towards her first class for the day - Drama.

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