Wolf Lands

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Wolf Lands

Post  Fayde on Thu Jan 21, 2010 12:57 am

Stattle Creek
Stattle Creek has a dirt path, leading along most of the way through the area. The path follows a swift, quick creek that has strong currents. Humans pass by very often, so be careful.
Stattle Creek (Pleace click <------)

Death Falls
Unless your wolf is sturdy, calm, fearless and numb to pain, I suggest you turn away. Death Falls...what can I say. Anyone who comes near it has never come back.
Death Falls (<-- Please click.)

Harsh Desert
The Harsh Desert is not a place you'd want to be. It is indeed, as its name states, harsh. You will get suburn in less than an hour, the sun blazes around about 75 celcius, by the time its night, you will have probably frozen to death.


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