My Royalties.

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My Royalties.

Post  SecretSpirit on Sun Feb 07, 2010 12:43 pm

Alexa: Your classic princess, with hip length brown curls and bright blue eyes. A little more on the girly side, but she loves to have fun and absolutely loves to ride. Doesn't have a horse of her own, though. Her father spoils her, and Alexa doesn't really know anything about the outside world. Gets anything she wants, can be very oblivious and forgetful. Isn't trained in any weapon, as she is a peace-keeper kind of person, but is educated. Just turned 16. (medieval/modern day royalty)

Xel: (pronounced Zel)The complete opposite of Alexa, her 'sister'. Sister is in quotes because they aren't blood related; Xel's father was a king from another kingdom, but he was murdered and Xel(only 5 at the time) was put under the care of her father's best friend(whom she happens to despise). She has black hair, long and sleek, that falls to her waist, and dark eyes. Lightly tanned skin, a tough and sarcastic personality, lithe, and a warrior at heart. She is trained in archery and swordsmanship(medieval) and is educated. Also turned 16 recently, and although she is quiet and keeps to herself, has an unpredictable temper. Considered unlovable. (modern-day/medieval royalty)

Erik: a 17 year old prince with golden hair and bright blue eyes. He's cheerful and likes to joke around, has a good sense of humor, and can be a bit of a flirt. Normally, however, he is an obedient, easygoing guy. He's a bit on the tall side, strong, and, in medieval Roleplays, is a swordsman. In modern-day RPs, he likes to listen to his iPod and gets exercise by playing soccer and riding horses. He's very popular, yet his mother is dead and his father is rather strict. (modern-day/medieval)

No pix for any of the above, as I made them up myself. Very Happy

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