Chasing the Horizon

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Chasing the Horizon

Post  WarHorse on Wed Feb 10, 2010 7:10 pm

Dim light poured through the open windows, tinged orange with the flames of dawn. Within these shafts of light dust became perfectly clear, floating slowly by as they drifted towards some place to settle. A strong gust of air sent the dust swirling about in a mad frenzy, the pieces whipped into a writhing tornado that gradually became calm. Chase The Horizon pricked his ears at the disturbance he had caused, his eyes bright as he watched the tiny pieces of dust dance before him. Nickering with amusement, he turned his head to look at a young girl sitting in the corner of his stall as though saying: 'look what I did'! Katt smiled up at the stunningly handesome stallion, raising a hand and holding it close to Horizon's muzzle. After nibbling gently at it for a moment, something new caught his attention and he looked away. "What now, boy?" Katt asked the stallion, knowing very well he wouldn't reply aloud. But Horizon did swing his head towards her and then back towards the stall door, repeating the action a few times. Catching the signal, she stood slowly and walked over to stand beside him at the stall's entrance. Katt peered down the stable walk-way, wondering what had caught Horizon's attention.

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