My Mythical Characters

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My Mythical Characters

Post  SecretSpirit on Sat Jan 30, 2010 9:57 am

Okay, I'm kinda sorta new at this so sorry if they're too much... or too little.

-Fate's Black Angel (Fate): a midnight black female dragon with bright yellow eyes, flecked with gold and black. Her wings have a slightly lighter black membrane. She is slim and rather small, but an agile and able fighter. She was kicked out by her family for her coloring (they're both superstitious white dragons who think black is unlucky) and therefore is tough and has a can-do attitude.

-Alice: A young angel with ivory blond curls that fall to her shoulders. Her eyes are bright, sky blue. Her weapon of choice is a curved, silver sword with a light golden handle named Miracle Magic. It has a tendency to shimmer with a whitish glow. Alice is cheerful and carefree, a bit forgetful, but overall a good person. She doesn't have an assigned job; she flits from cloud to cloud and helps angels who need it. She longs to visit Earth but hasn't had the opportunity to sneak away.

-Cain: A young demon with black hair, pale skin kind of like a vampire's, only it isn't as hard as marble and doesn't shimmer in sunlight, and eyes that change from an endless black to red depending on his mood. His wings, blood-red wing membranes with black veining, are a little bit longer than his arms if he held them out to the side. He is an outcast among other demons because he does not enjoy pain or suffering at all and longs to visit Earth.

-Erin Bay: a centaur mare with a chocolaty brown coat and flaxen tail. Tanned skin and forest green eyes, with golden brown hair tied back into a ponytail with a leather strap. Erin comes from a line of centaurs known as the Bays, as all of them are, predictably, bay in coat color, and decided to run from home when she got sick of everyone staring at her. She is skilled with the bow and arrow and is wary of strangers but fun to be around if you know her. She's 16, witty, and without powers.

-Lief: a centaur stallion with a rich brown coat, dappled caramel around his hindquarters. He's a great shot with a bow and arrow, strong, but not very agile. His hair is long and unkempt, and he has hazel-colored eyes flecked with green. Kind of quiet and likes to keep to himself, with a calm, serene disposition. He's known to stand in the midst of enemies, alone, without flinching, yet he cannot think of his past. Almost 18 years of age, in centaur years, but to humans he seems around 30.

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